Our Favorite Bright Interiors

Oh, how we love spring! After such a long, gloomy winter we're ecstatic to see green grass and blooming flowers here in Nashville, however much sneezing they may cause. That got we thinking about how much we like bright, cheery indoor spaces. They're especially lovely when paired with hardwood floors, which most of these are. :)

Blue tufted sofa paired with red and yellow pillows, a lime accent chair, and purple hydrangeas. You. Go. Girl. or Guy. This space is just eclectic and fun, and of course, we can't help but notice those rustic hardwood floors anchoring it all down.

Beautiful Living Room Nashville

Image via Southern Charm

White kitchens never get old. This one hits all the right notes, too: coffered ceiling, glass-front cabinets, large airy windows, white subway tile backsplash, and beautiful hardwood flooring. Nashville has plenty of homes like this one, we're sure. We just wish we could sneak into a few to take a few photos.

White kitchen Nashville

Image via Lauren Conrad

Jared might not dig the pink too much, but I think the fuchsia upholstery is fantastic. Airy drapes! Exposed brick wall! Ornate chandelier! Rustic wide plank flooring! Oh yeah. This space is oh so chic and fabulous.

Living Room Brentwood

Image via Style Carrot

Yellow is not a color you see too often when it comes to subway tile, since most people are scared of a modern version of those ghastly butter yellow tiled bathrooms that abound in 1950s and 1960s homes. This, though...this is perfection. Paired with crisp white on every other surface, doesn't this just make you want to smile? We also gotta give a shout out to the white hex tile on the floor; whoever designed the bathroom did it right, in our minds. Now who in Nashville wants to let us come install some subway and hex tile in your bathroom? :)

Subway Tile Nashville

Image via HGTV

Again, this one is a tad girly. Jared won't let me say how much "we" like this, since he doesn't care for the chandelier. We agree, though, that the painted cathedral door is awesome, and the blue color screams spring. Jared, of course, immediately noticed the teeny tiny area of hardwood in the bottom right corner. I guess he wouldn't be good at his work if he didn't.

Gorgeous Bedroom Nashville

Image via Chic Coastal Living

What's your favorite of the five rooms? Do you like bright, colorful interiors or do you prefer more a more neutral palette?

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