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Where to Buy Hardwood Flooring in Nashville

Shopping for hardwood flooring in Nashville can be overwhelming, to say the least. While we operate as a service business, we help our clients choose and buy a lot of hardwood flooring for our clients from local retailers. Whether they want dark, wide plank pre-finished floors or natural-toned site-finished white oak, there is a source for every aesthetic and budget. So without further ado, here are the best resources to buy hardwood flooring in Nashville. And just so you know we're not biased, some of them offer installation, which actually makes them our competitors.

Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Reclaimed DesignWorks: They have showrooms all over the country. They tend to be on the expensive end of the spectrum, even for reclaimed wood, but their products are beautiful.

Woodstock Vintage Lumber: Local company that offers doors, beams, and other reclaimed products in addition to reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Good Wood: East Nashville-based company that offers reclaimed flooring, furniture, beams, walls, and more.

Raw Wood (For Site-Finished Hardwood Floors)

Jeffco: Flooring supply company that provides numerous sizes and styles of hardwood flooring, as well as stains and other materials.

Pre-finished Hardwood

Prosource: A wholesale warehouse with several thousand square feet of pre-finished hardwood flooring options.

R&S Flooring: Based in Brentwood, TN, R&S Flooring offers numerous styles of pre-finished floors.

Floor & Decor: A warehouse store with a large and varied collection of pre-finished hardwood flooring.

Well, there you have it. As always, we are happy to answer any hardwood flooring or refinishing questions. Call us at 615-416-9039 if you are in the Nashville area and need flooring advice!

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