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Custom Hardwood Floor Design: Baseball Medallion

Say "custom hardwood floor design" and most people probably think of a herringbone floor or a more formal pattern we're accustomed to seeing in large, historic buildings . They probably don't think of baseball medallion. But we do! We are a family-owned business and as such we bring our work home with us every day. We live in a home that is neither large nor historic, but lucky for us that means exactly zero when it comes to designing and creating a custom hardwood floor.

Both of our boys play baseball, and we decided to do something fun in their room. The floors we started with were 1.5 inch white oak. We cut out a perfect circle and installed maple there. Maple is a light wood and mimicked the white of a baseball. We then installed walnut as the stitches and the border and voila! A baseball medallion to last a lifetime. Or at least until they want something different!

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