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How to Clean Hardwood Floors (the Right Way)

Learning how to clean hardwood floors is easy. I mean, so easy it's hard to mess it up. But the combination of Pinterest and "influencers" who have posted their DIY recipes and/or sponsored posts about cleaning hardwood floors are usually just plain wrong. ("Hey guys! This post is sponsored by *beeeeeeep* but it REALLY DOES WORK! They make an all-natural, chemical-free, eco-friendly formula that has made my hardwood floors SHINE!")

The only problem is that the wrong cleaners and DIY formulas don't just not work; they actually harm the finish of your hardwood floors. If you use DIY hardwood floor cleaner or other cleaners not approved by the manufacturer, you'll almost always void the warranty on your hardwood floor. That is no bueno.

So what's a hardwood flooring company to do? Why make a quick little video about the right way to clean your hardwood floors. Complete with a headless version of me doing my best to not have stage fright in my own living room.


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