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Protect Your Hardwood Floors During the Holidays

Protecting your hardwood floors during Christmas, New Years, and other holidays is not that different from any other time of year, except that you'll probably have a lot more foot traffic than you usually do. We don't want you kicking anyone out of a fun old-fashioned family Christmas just to keep your floors pretty, so here are some tips to keep your hardwood floors looking good while you host family and friends for the holidays. Whether you kick them out for other reasons is up to you.

Photo: Southern Oaks Flooring, Nashville, TN

1) Remove your shoes (and hope others follow suit)

I know, I know. This is a tricky one, because as born-and-bred Southerners, we would never actually ask anyone to remove their shoes in our home. What if they aren't wearing socks and don't like their feet (me!) OR what if they're self conscious about their shoes/feet being...odiferous? (not me, by the way) There are plenty of reasons people don't feel comfortable removing their shoes inside, and we would never make our guests uncomfortable--you know, Southern hospitality and all that. And for a party, we expect everyone to have shoes on and just deal with the aftermath later.

Here's the rub, though. It's the best way to keep your floors clean. Even here in Nashville, without much snow, winter weather is generally pretty wet. There's just no way to avoid tracking in dirt, mud, or even just dead grass. It goes with the winter-ish territory. If you prevent all that grime from entering your house in the first place, you're one big step ahead when it comes to keeping your hardwood floors clean throughout the coming weeks.

2) Replace doormats

Doormats are another first-line defense for hardwood floors. Heavily textured ones work well, but even they become less efficient over time. The fibers eventually wear down until doormats because slick, smooth, and practically useless. Grab a few cheap ones or snag a cute holiday doormat that makes you smile every time you walk in your home (I vote for the latter.) Either one will do the job of protecting your hardwood floors.

Photo: Southern Oaks Flooring, Nashville, TN

3) Use felt pads

Most of us already use felt pads on our furniture, but we tend to forget to add them to chairs we bring in for parties or to the dinner table to host a few extra guests. Felt pads are inexpensive and help prevent scratches in your hardwood floors, which are much harder to repair than sweeping up a little dirt! Make sure to check those on your furniture too. They could be worn down, and now is a great time to replace them.

4) Clean up spills quickly!

While it's funny to watch your friend Gina spill wine all over herself, it's not as entertaining when you discover the stain on your hardwood floor the next day. Here's all the tips we have for how to clean your hardwood floor, all in one convenient article. And here's all the mistakes to avoid when maintaining your beautiful hardwoods!

Photo: Southern Oaks Flooring, Nashville, TN

5) If all else fails, just kick everyone out, take your shoes off, cozy up on your couch, and remember that it's Christmas, and we're all in misery.

Merry Christmas!

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