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The Easiest Thing You're Not Doing to Take Care of Your Hardwood Floors

Our number one tip for taking care of your hardwood floors happens to be simple, inexpensive, and effective. And it's something a lot of you aren't doing.Ready for this mind-blowing, ultra-classified information, Nashville? Here we go...

Use a door mat outside and INSIDE your home.

Image: Southern Oaks Flooring

Yeah, that's it. A door mat. We most often see them outside the door, but you need one inside, too. Why, you ask? Shoes are the culprit of a lot of wear and tear when it comes to hardwood floors. After you and your guests have removed wet debris and the muck you want to leave outside, it helps to have a door mat inside to give those shoes a second pass at removing any leftover dirt, small rocks, etc. Major bonus points for actually taking off your shoes inside, although asking your guests to do the same can be a little tricky (and a big no-no in this Southerner's etiquette book.)

A $10 fix to get the most longevity of hardwood flooring that usually costs $$$ isn't too shabby. Plus, it gives you an excuse to make a Target run, which is never a bad thing!

If you live in the Nashville area and you have questions about your hardwood flooring, please contact Southern Oaks Flooring at 615-416-9039. We're happy to help!

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