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6 Advantages of Hardwood Flooring Nashville Residents Should Know

Hardwood floors look just as beautiful in contemporary homes with modern lines and fixtures as they do in a traditional farmhouse. For centuries, wood has been the go-to flooring option for homeowners around the world.

It hasn’t earned its reputation as one of the most popular flooring types be chance, however. When you compare it to other options on the market, it quickly sets itself apart. With hardwood flooring, Nashville residents can expect many joys and benefits ranging from easy cleaning to long-lasting durability.

Classic Style

Design trends come and go all the time. It’s impossible to keep up with them, but classic never goes out of style! You can’t go wrong with timeless hardwood floors. Not only are they elegant and warm, but they also create a high-end aesthetic that you can’t find in another flooring.

Custom parquet hardwood floor in Franklin, TN.
Walnut and White Oak Parquet Design by Southern Oaks Flooring, Franklin, TN.

That’s not all!

Wood floors are often more versatile than carpet and flooring. Instead of opting for a colored carpet or patterned tile, you can stick with a neutral base for your interior design. With a hardwood floor, you can easily change the look of your home through furniture and accents. You no longer have to undergo a new flooring installation every few years. If you have your heart set on adding color to the floor, you can always add a vibrant rug without committing to a bold carpet or tile.

Easy Maintenance

Drinks spill, pets shed, and crumbs fall. Messes are a part of living, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend long hours cleaning them up. Carpet stains very easily, and crumbs get trapped deep within the fibers. As a result, cleaning becomes a serious chore. You often have to enlist the help of professionals to get a deep clean. Though we love them dearly, pets can even leave behind odors that are especially tricky to deal with.

When you install hardwood floors, you can ditch the carpet cleaner and scrubbing tools. All you need is a quick vacuum to rid the surface of dust and debris. Since the wood has a finish, you can effortlessly wipe up spilled liquids before they leave behind any stains. You also don’t have to worry about trapping pet hair and odors in the flooring. Because have you ever heard anyone brag about all the pet stains they get to scrub out of their carpet? We think not.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Think of the last time you saw carpet withstand a decade of use. It was worn, beat down, and stained, right? It probably started to flatten in heavy traffic areas, and it could even show signs of mold. The fact is that carpet doesn’t age well.

If you want flooring that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life, wood is your best bet. Solid hardwood floors are tough and strong. They can resist dents, scratches, and stains for the most part, but there are obviously exceptions. You should get decades of enjoyment out of them if you take proper care of your flooring. Even if the planks do succumb to some damage, they can usually be repaired, which we’ll learn more about when we look at refinishing.

White Oak Hardwood Floors in a Franklin, TN home. Rubio Monocoat finish, Southern Oaks Flooring

Increased Home Value

The durability and classic look of hardwood makes it a great investment for any homeowner. The product holds its value for years, so it can bring higher prices no matter when you choose to sell.

Whether you have plans of flipping a fixer-upper or wish to sell your home in the distant future, you can expect a good return on your investment. Not to mention, many homeowners seek out wood flooring. They don’t want the added burden or cost of having to replace old carpet throughout a home. For that reason, hardwood is very appealing, and it could speed up the process of selling your property.

Improved Air Quality

If you struggle with allergies, your carpet could be the blame. Did you know that the fibers in carpet trap pet dander, dust, pollen, and other allergens? Carpeting can even create the perfect feeding ground for dust mites.

They aren’t the only culprits, however. You might think that tile is a safe choice, but tiles also have nooks and crannies that hold dust and allergens. Between the grout and embossing, there are plenty of spots for particles to settle.

What’s the solution? Wood floors.

The smooth surfaces of hardwood are less likely to hold allergy-causing substances. That doesn’t mean you won’t have any particles, but they will certainly be easier to clean and manage. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends hardwood floors for this reason.

Refinishing Options

There are plenty of wood look-alikes in the flooring world. Wood-look tile, laminate, and vinyl can all recreate the appearance of wood. However, they don’t get you the full benefits. For example, none of those flooring options can be refinished. If you decide you want to go with a different color, you’ll have to replace the flooring entirely. You’re also stuck with any surface scratches.

You can refinish your wood floor at a much lower price, however. Solid wood can easily be sanded down to smooth out any damage, and you can refinish it to make it look like new again! With hardwood floor refinishing, Nashville homeowners can also choose a different color to create an updated interior design. They can also choose from numerous finishes, from oil-based polyurethane to Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil, and everything in between.

Reclaimed hardwood floor in Nashville, TN
Random-width reclaimed white oak floor, Southern Oaks Flooring

Learn More About Nashville Hardwood Flooring Benefits

Whether it was love at first sight or it took you more convincing, you shouldn’t put off installing wood flooring. Nashville residents can get in touch with us at Southern Oaks Flooring to find the right floors for their home. We have many wood and finishing options, so we’d love to walk you through the design process.

To begin, you can call 615-416-9039 and speak with a helpful service representative. We are happy to answer any questions over the phone, or you can schedule a consultation to discuss your needs further. You can even book your appointment online if you need help refinishing, recoating, or installing wood floors.


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